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January 2018
Rotary News and Stories
"Actions speak louder than words".
Lions - affirmative, Rotary - Negative.
Katy led off with a little active ice-bucket help from her teammates. She set the scene for a lighthearted and laughter-filled evening. Mellifluous Melissa dazzled us all with quotes from Churchill and mathematical proofs from who-knows-where. Ray tried desperately to steer us all back to a life of activity but was thwarted at the next turn with some heavy-hitting rebuttal from loquacious Leeanne. Stuart did his best to swing the judge in his favour but made the mistake of quoting Shakespeare. Sadly for him it was not to be as Morwenna poetically wrapped up the evening for the negative. MC Judi declared Rotary the verbose victors and that was that!!!
Earlier in the year, the Stanthorpe Rotary Club had a vocational meeting at the workshop of Boomerang Bags at the Summit. We were shown how this enterprising group is taking waste materials of all sorts and turning them into reusable shopping bags. In July 2018, QLD will begin a state-wide ban on plastic shopping bags so this group is not only helping to save our environment but also providing a resource for the people of our community in readiness for this ban. Our own member Jim Baxter has donated hessian sacks to the group from his coffee business and in order to turn these into usable products, the group is in need of an industrial overlocker. Unfortunately, Boomerang Bags was unsuccessful in a recent SDRC grant application so the Stanthorpe Rotary Club has pitched in with a financial start so that they can get themselves the equipment they need. 
If you'd like to help further go to Stanthorpe Boomerang Bags.
The Stanthorpe Rotary Club was hosted for one of our November meetings by the Amiens History Association at the site of their Soldier Settler project. Professor Roger Willis guided members around the site with stories of what it looked like in the past and what he hopes it will look like in the future. The site is the terminus of the old railway branch line from Cottonvale and was a crucial point for the survival of the settlers as they loaded their crops for transport to the larger markets at this station. The group has plans to create a Memorial Avenue of trees in honour of the early orchardists, restore and refurbish a 1920s rail carriage and construct a period building to house soldier settler memorabilia and stories. The Rotary Club of Stanthorpe will assist with the cost of trees for the avenue as this aligns perfectly with the goal of planting one tree for every Rotarian in the 2017-18 year.
On 13th November, the Stanthorpe Rotary Club hosted the annual Junior Craft Awards at St Josephs High School. Students had entered projects from dog kennels to picnic tables. Congratulations to Jared Hitchener on his winning entry of a Squatters Chair. Thankyou to judges Jim Baxter and Nev Winter and to Vocational Chairman Jim Barnes on a great event.
Have you ever felt that Stanthorpe Rotarians miss out on some information and opportunities to participate at District Level due to our isolation in a regional area. DG Darrell is trying to help with an online conference for all interested Rotarians:
Stanthorpe Rotary Club is looking into how we can support Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG). Here are some suggestions:

THE Rotary Club has announced its 2018 Apple and Grape Young Ambassador - 21-year-old Bridget Anne Campbell.

Ms Campbell said she was excited about the chance to contribute to the community.

The sales assistant is studying business at university but has taken a year off and decided to donate her spare time to being a Young Ambassador.

"I have always really admired the work they do in the community and I was really involved with community events when I was in high school,” she said.

"I think this will be a really good way to spend my time.”

Ms Campbell thanked the Stanthorpe Rotary Club for sponsoring her.

She said she had always loved the Apple and Grape Festival.

"My dad is a member so I have been involved with them ever since he joined a couple of years ago,” she said.

"Having a service club as my sponsor is really good because there is already a nice sense of community and they are already passionate about fundraising. They have similar morals to what I have as well. It's a perfect fit.”

Ms Campbell said she was most looking forward to interacting with those involved in the festival.

"I am looking forward to making lots of connections, meeting all different people,” she said.

"Moving away (to Townsville) made me really appreciate Stanthorpe more and the community that we have here. It is really special and I am really excited to celebrate that and give back.”

Our President is writing a blog about her year at the top table. Should you be interested, go to rotarypresident2017.blogspot.com
Start from the bottom and read up - it may not make sense otherwise!
WARNING - it's not all rainbows and lollipops.🌈🍭
Why, you may ask, is she doing this? Well, she is a better writer than she is an orator so it's easier to share thoughts and opinions this way. It's also a diary of her year for posterity and an opportunity to get feedback both to and from her. Comments and criticisms are encouraged.
DISCLAIMER - all content in the Blog is Morwennas and is not a reflection of of the thoughts and opinions of other members of the Stanthorpe Rotary Club.
Rotarian Neville Jones was recently honoured and thanked for his 37 years of membership of the Rotary Club of Stanthorpe.  President Stephen Tancred presented Neville with a certificate of recognition and commented that Nev was a very good member - always ready to help and always with a cheery outlook.  He took his membership seriously, and fulfilled the role of Club President very well in 1984-85.  Rotary International recognised Nev as a Paul Harris Fellow in 1998.  It was noted that Nev was retiring for health reasons rather than resigning and all the members and their partners wished him well.
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